Introducing the Manager++ podcast
Becoming a manager: Empowering or Overwhelming?

You definitely remember the day you were promoted to being a manager. You can finally drive the team in your way. You could make up for all the limitations that you felt your own manager had. You planned to improve things further for the team. You have been an individual contributor till recently, so you definitely have better understanding of the people and the issues that they face. But becoming a successful manager - successful from the perspective of the team, your supervisor, as well as the company, wasn't as easy as you thought it would be.

Factors affecting your success

No matter how good you are as a manager (in the minds of people around you), each employee will always be rated on the output that you generated. For a manager, this is not just a measure of how your are doing but also how each individual in your team is performing (as well as the output of your entire team taken as a whole).

All things like capability, opportunity, market conditions etc. remaining constant, the single most effective indicator of your potential output is how efficiently you are able to utilize your resource (time, people, money). In our opinion, personal productivity is one of the most ignored reasons for why folks are not able to deliver more in less time.

Managers are high performing individuals.

Gone are the days when the tag of ‘high performing individual’ was restricted to CXO level employees. In today’s fast paced world, each manager is either an enabler or a bottleneck for the performance of his team. Hence you can no longer afford to be using your resources sub-optimally.

A manager's life is full of complications.

As an individual contributor, you often were in control of your own schedule and had the freedom to work as you choose. However as a manager, you often have to deal with a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex & ambiguous) environment where your work is often interrupted and governed by things around you. But a typical day as a manager is complex, with emails, ppts, crisis management, 1:1s, performance reviews etc. You hope you could be more productive, get a few more hours every day, reduce stress and be a super human that others expect you to be, isn't it?

You need a solution that lets you upgrade yourself in small, easy to consume bites.

The Manager++ Podcast!

No matter how busy you are, chances are that you spend an hour each day commuting, or doing something mechanical. During this time, you can actually listen to folks at Manager Plus Plus talk about some of the productivity challenges faced by managers and suggest practical tips for putting these lessons into action. You can either subscribe to the podcast using a podcast app like iTunes (on iPhone), Podcast Addict (Android) or Podcast Republic (Android) or just visit our site and play it from the browser if that is what you prefer instead.

Episode-0: What is Manager Plus plus?

Episode-1: Making Optimum Use of Your Brain Power

Episode-2: Managing Stress

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